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About Bipolar4All Forums

The Bipolar4All Forum is a rapidly growing message board for anyone who is affected by bipolar affective disorder.  A friendly, welcoming and supportive forum, we have members from all across the globe, some with a diagnosis of bipolar, others looking for information who are yet to be diagnosed and the family, friends and carers who also live with bipolar disorder daily.  If you're looking for information, support, or just chat and distraction the forum is the perfect place to meet people who all know what it's like to be affected with bipolar.  There are no professionals on the forum and we cannot offer any professional advice, but there are plenty of people who are more than happy to share personal experiences.  There is also a real time chatroom which many of our members make use of, again if you are looking for some fun and distraction, or are in need of some support, the Bipolar4All chatroom is an excellent place to meet new people who all understand what living with bipolar disorder is like.

The forum and chatroom are free to join via a simple registration form, details of the chatroom registration are found on the forum once you have registered.  Both the forum and the chatroom are well maintained and moderated by the Bipolar4all administration team.

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Further Reading/Book List

Kay Redfield Jamison is a professor of psychiatry who also had bipolar affective disorder.  She has written several books on the subject.

An Unquiet Mind-Kay Redfield Jamison  (1995) (autobiography), ISBN 0-679-76330-9

Manic-Depressive Illness- Kay Redfield Jamison (1990) (with Frederick K. Goodwin), ISBN 0-19-503934-3

Touched with Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament- Kay Redfield Jamison (1993), ISBN 0-684-83183-X

Chipmunkapublishing is a mental health publisher, 95% of the books published are written by people with a mental illness.


Useful Links

Mental health problems can affect many aspects of a persons life such as employment, finance and relationships.  Below you will find links to sites which will hopefully provide some information for anyone needing advice on such issues.

Information and Support

Citizens Advice Bureau The main advice site of the citizens advice bureau offering information on a range of topics such as benefits, housing and employment.

Call Helpline  Helpline for people in Wales experiencing mental health problems.

Disability Rights Comission The independent body set up by the government to ensure the rights of disabled people

DISS Up to date information about disability.

Hearing Voices Network Offers information, support and understanding to people who hear voices and those who support them

MDF A user led charity aimed at helping people with bipolar affective disorder take control of their lives.

Mental Health Foundation A charity aimed at improving the lives of everyone affected by mental illness.

Mind The leading mental health charity throughout England and Wales, aims to improve the lives of all people affected by mental health problems.

NHS Direct 24 hour telephone support for a range of health problems.

NHS Site with links to mental health trusts in your area

Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health Provides support for people with mental illness across Northern Ireland.

Rethink A UK charity offering support and services for everyone affected by mental illness.

Royal College of Psychiatrists. The website of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Lots of information from health professionals.

Samaritans Offers confidential and emotional support for people in crisis vis telephone or e-mail.

SANE  A UK charity aimed at improving the lives of everyone affected by mental illness.

Scottish Association for Mental Health Provider of services across Scotland for people with mental illnesses.

You Rights in Health, information on health and social care, the mental health act and mental capacity act from directgov.co.uk

YourRights.org.uk information for people detained under the Mental Health Act 1983.


Mental Illness and Work

Disability Discrimination Act

Mental health: support while working


Help With Finances

www.bhas.org.uk free advice on sickness and disability benefits. 

www.welfarerights.net advice on benefits, including a quick benefits guide.

Mind rights guide 7: Managing your finances information for people unable to manage their finances due to a mental illness.

Financial Support Information from directgov.co.uk about benefits and how to claim.



Alphabetical list of drugs Factsheet provided by Mind.

Understanding addiction and dependency Factsheet provided by Mind.

There are more links to understanding medication in the Treating Bipolar Affective Disorder section of this site.



Bipolar Significant Others. The BPSO (Bipolar Significant Other) mailing list was formed in 1995.

Relate Offers counselling and education to support people experiences difficulties in their relationships.



The Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorders  A Canadian charity offering support and information for people affected by bipolar disorder.

www.suicideinfo.ca links to crisis centre numbers in Canada

www.befrienders.org links to crisis numbers in over 40 different countries

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline A free 24 hour crisis line for people across the USA.

healthfinder®Your guide to reliable health information, developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

www.health.gov.au the Australian Government site on mental health matters.



Reciprocal Links

Bipolar4All take no responsibility for the content of any site we link to in the following section, we have checked them out before adding them to this list but content can change at any time and we do not endorse any views contained within the links.

Recovery Through Art Get the Bipolar perspective! In her "IN YOUR FACE" style, bipolar artist Mara McWilliams openly shares recovery and living with bipolar disorder. Browse her art galleries, read her poetry or her essays.

Bipolar Roller Coaster The original content on this site was written by Myself (John) and members of my family and friends. We are not medically qualified. Some names & events have been withheld or changed to respect the feelings & privacy of others.

BP Children   Our mission is to help young people and adults understand more about pediatric bipolar disorder.


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